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Section 8 housing is a nickname given to the Housing Choice Voucher program. In order to participate, individuals must meet specific qualifications regarding lower than average income and family size. Qualifying families and individuals will then receive a “voucher” for rent assistance, and most of the time, can choose between inspected and certified homes in safe, low income neighborhoods for a much lower price than the average person would pay.

Important Reminder

Property managers may run a credit check before renting to potential tenants. Negative marks may lead rejection or further delays in the already long process.

Knowing your credit score can make a difference when applying for jobs, credit cards, loans and benefit assistance programs. It is important to identify and fix issues with your credit score. Click the link below and get your score for free.


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How To Apply

Follow these steps to get started applying for the Section 8 Program.

1.) Click on your state below to locate your local Public Housing Authority.

2.) Search for the Housing Authority office in your area. Should you not find your location, use the link at the top of the selected states page, to find the phone number and address of the office near you.

3.) Contact your local office and complete the pre-application. Most of the time this will be done online using the link provided on the states page.

4.) Once this is completed, your application will be processed by a Housing Authority member. They will assess your eligibility and may require further documentation depending on agency. Should you be accepted into the program, you will most likely be placed on a waitlist. Be sure to follow up with your Housing Agency, and continually stay up-to-date on the Section 8 waitlists.


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