Pell Grant Information For Student Financial Aid

Pell grant is entitled for money that the US government gives to the students with financial nee (who need to pay the college fee). Those students who have not gained any bachelor’s degree or who have not been admitted to any post baccalaureate programs are eligible for this. Pell grant is originally known as the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant, the groundwork of the student’s financial aid package to which all the other aids are added and it is named after Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island who was the Democratic US Senator.

United States Department of Education implements a formula to conclude financial information as per provided on FAFSA for defining the student’s expected family contribution and sponsors the Federal Pell Grant.

Pell Grants are not to be repaid like loans rather they may be used for any of the post-secondary foundations among the given 5,400 options. Pell grant has helped about millions of students (full-time/part-time/vocational) all over the nation.


The eligibility of the student is been determined by the number known as Expected Family contribution which has been produced by the information available with FAFSA and is been calculated by the United States Department of Education. The student should be an undergraduate and not been ever attended the bachelors’ degree program. The student should be United States citizen or should be a permanent resident. The student should have the ability to validate to be able to benefit from the program. The student should also sign the promising note in order to ensure to use the aid for the education purposes only. They should not be the default for any federal student loans and should not be owing any refund for the federal education grants. The student should also have acquired the academic progress degree from the school they have attended. The student should also be registered with the Selective Service (Applicable to the Male students only). The students must not be charged with the drug related offenses. They must not be recorded with the Pell overpayment and should not have received full scholarship. Pell Grant is only available for one college at a time.

Application Process

The process of application is completing the FAFSA form and updating it with the each progressive academic year of the college. This is been the first step of the application process. The online website to fill and complete the form is – In order to fill and complete the form, prominent instructions have been given on the website. High school students can also get the form from the school student counselors. The next step of the application process is to make corrections to the filled in form. After the submission of the application form, the student is been informed about the funding confirmation through email or regular postal delivery. Students are advised to keep a copy of the confirmation letter for personal and future usages.

Pell Grants have helped millions of students all over the nation by making college accessible to those who are capable but are in need of financial assistance. It has also reduced the chances of dropping out college by the students coming from the moderate income families.