Section 8 Waiting Lists

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is responsible for the creation of multiple housing programs to assist low-income families and specific families that are struggling economically due to other circumstances (elderly, disabled, etc). A housing voucher is a “subsidy” (a form of financial aid) issued to a landlord on behalf of a resident that has financial difficulties that prevent them from paying their rent in full. The vouchers are specially designed to help provide safe, affordable, and sanitary living conditions for those who might otherwise be subjected to less than desirable conditions due to very low-income. Local Public Housing Agencies (PHA) determine who is eligible and issue the vouchers according to family size, income, and situation-specific circumstances.

A residence seeking individual would need to consult with their local Housing Agency and fill out an application with basic information about income, family composition, and criminal history. Upon being deemed eligible by the PHA, some families receive immediate assistance. This is uncommon and most families are added to a community waiting list until a voucher is issued to them. The families are not often chosen from the waiting list in the order that they appear. The local PHA is able to use “preferences” to more quickly assist families that are homeless or who are spending more than 50% of their total income on rent.

If you do not see your city on the list, it is possible that it is already open. Click the link below to get your local Housing Authority Contact Information


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Recently Open Waiting Lists


State:Open Date:Housing Authority
Illinois9/24/15Champaign County Housing Authority
California11/01/15County of Butte Housing Authority
New York11/9/15New York State Homes and Community Renewal
New Jersey11/9/15Lakewood Township Residential Assistance Program
Colorado11/10/15Metro West Housing Solutions

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