Things You Should Know About Getting Grant Money


What is a Grant?

Grants are a form of “non-repayable” funds provided by a range of government departments and other public or private foundations. Billions of dollars each year are awarded to qualified recipients and foundations for various different activities and programs. Most are aimed to aid and encourage public services and stimulate the economy.

Types of Grants

There are hundreds of different of grants provided by the government and public agencies for organizations and individuals. Below are some of the most popular grants that are available for individuals.

• Education Grants
• Home Ownership Grants
• Home Repair Grants
• Grants for Minorities
• Grants for Women

Applying For Grants

1. Find the grant program and contact the provider. Be sure to research the qualifications and information you need to apply. Click Here to Start Your Search For Grants!

Common criteria for eligibility:

• Gender, race or creed
• Age
• Citizenship status
• Financial need
• Career path
• Education level

2. Complete the application. Be sure to input all information clearly and as accurate as possible. Depending on the agency, your application may be online or by mail.

3. Submit Application on Time. Many grants have deadlines, be sure to get things in on time.

4. Follow Up. Find out when the award date is when you are getting your application. Be sure to save this date and follow up.


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