Women, Infants & Children – WIC

The Woman Infant Child program commonly known as WIC is a program that provides supplementary nutrition for infant and women. It offers a range of services to postpartum and breastfeeding mums with low income wages as well as children under the age of five and infants. These services include federal grants, breastfeeding support, nutritious supplements and foods and referrals for the promotion and support of better health.

WIC provides better health services for pregnant women, new mums, children under the age of five and infant babies. The foods and supplements supplied by the program provide crucial nutrients that are not common in the diet of women and children from low income status. These are some of the benefits of the woman infant child program. Others include financial aid and counseling services. WIC helps reduce premature births and increase the number of healthy pregnancies and healthy children.


To be eligible for this program, one has to meet a number of requirements. For a woman, one has to be either pregnant, be a mother to an infant of no more that 6 months or be a breastfeeding mum to an infant of no more than 12 months. Infants and children up to the age of five are eligible for this program. Women have to reside in the US but not limited to USA citizens. This means that any person a citizen or a foreigner can become a recipient of the woman infant child program if they live in the US and meet the required income status. For income eligibility, one can either be a recipient Medicaid, food stamps or come from a needy family. Once you are certain that you meet all of the above requirements, you will need an assessment from one of WIC medical professionals. To find out if you are eligible for WIC, you can try filling out a prescreening questionnaire to see where you rate on the chart.

How to apply

If eligible you can then apply to be in the program in two ways, you can either apply online or in person at local agencies. You can apply online on almost all state websites or on the United States Department of Agriculture website. To apply in person, you will need to contact a WIC agency closest to you. You can find the address and contact information of local agencies on local telephone books and government pages. Another option would be to call the local supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) hotline number which is toll free.

When applying you will need to bring a number of documents which include, identification documents as proof of identity, proof of where you reside, income statements for each of the members who reside with you, proof of prior participation in any of the previously stated aid programs e.g. food stamps, and assessment forms from the WIC healthcare professional. Other documents that you will be required to bring with you are you child’s immunization and medical records or your pregnancy confirmation documents from a health clinic showing the due date of your child.